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Dr. RM's meal boxes

Healthy food season arrived. Lose weight by eating by Dr. RM.

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Meet Emibio

The only place where orthomolecular nutrition is available to everyone.

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You're a star

Come to the clinic and feel like a star.

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Dr. RM's Tisanes

The prevention of health and aging through the ancestral and unparalleled properties of herbs.

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The 3-day diet

This routine only lasts 72 hours and has essential foods that should be included in daily meals.

This diet is vital for a person to detoxify. Stop and do a metabolic reconversion. Stop insulin and leptin, which are the hormones involved in the entire neurophysiology of appetite.

DR. RM's books

DR. RM's 100 tisanes

It is the fourth book released by Dr. Rubén Mühlberger, author of the Best Seller 'The body of the future'. This time, the doctor who preaches the eco-genetic philosophy of well-being, dedicates his successful recipes to his grandmother Emilia: a woman born in the countryside, who lived against synthetic medicines and studied the healing and magical power of plants.

The body of the future

It is an awakening of consciousness for a life that I call 'rebirth'. It is about being reborn without being born, of knowing how to choose the right moment to start an evolutionary cycle to be in tune with the universe.